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Public Domain Smalltalk by Douglas E. Hammond
A rewrite of Little Smalltalk version 3.
From: deh@mercury.interpath.net (Douglas E. Hammond)
Subject: Public Domain Smalltalk (PDST)
Date: 1999/03/08
Message-ID: <7c0g2p$8mp$1@gaddy.interpath.net>#1/1
Organization: Interpath Communications, Inc.
Keywords: minimal public-domain Smalltalk
Newsgroups: comp.lang.smalltalk

PDST (Public Domain Smalltalk) is a minimal implementation of Smalltalk. All of its source code is available and it is entirely in the public domain. At present, it can best be described as the first step of a gradual rewrite of Little Smalltalk Version 3. [*]

Those familiar with Little Smalltalk will know what I mean by "minimal". For everyone else: PDST supports syntax and semantics that are fairly close to, but not quite, de facto standard. The PDST class library is small enough for one person to grasp in its entirety: fewer than five hundred methods in thirty four classes. PDST has no support for any "windowed" user interface at this point -- graphical or otherwise.

Anyone with a serious interest in such a system is invited to contact me via e-mail to deh@test.albemarle.cc.nc.us.

- Doug

[*] Little Smalltalk was developed by Timothy Budd. Naturally, he is not responsible for any errors in PDST.

I'm deeply grateful to Professor Budd and to everyone who inspired and/ or contributed to his efforts. Productively building on their work, and letting others in turn build on mine, is the best way I know of to thank them all publicly.
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A special thanks to Montgomery F. Tidwell for contributing the information regarding the Public Domain Smalltalk. - peter, 20040815

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